The XR for the Humanities Community offers students a year-long Fellowship to learn about how augmented and virtual reality (collectively XR) is going to impact society and work with faculty on XR-related research and development. The Fellowship is co-sponsored by the Leslie Center for the Humanities, Design Initiative at Dartmouth, and Information, Technology, and Consulting. It is housed in the Data Experiences and Visualizations Studio (DEV Studio) and supported by the Digital Humanities and Social Engagement cluster.

Fellows will be funded at a rate of $1625/term for four consecutive terms as well as be given access to XR development training materials.

Who is eligible to apply?

Second- and third-year students in any major may apply for the fellowship. If you are comfortable using a Windows computer and have done any kind of programming or design work in the past, that is enough to get started; we will provide specialized training for XR development as part of the Fellowship.

How does it work?

During the first two terms of a student’s Fellowship they work with student mentors, staff, and faculty to develop technical skills, are invited to meetings and events to conceptualize humanities projects and courses incorporating XR technologies, and to join “reading” groups to critically examine how XR software can be used to explore the broad range of human experience. During the second two terms students work directly on faculty‐led teaching and research projects under the supervision of DEV Studio staff. During this time a student is expected to contribute to the creation of an XR project that advances humanistic scholarship by communicating cultural narratives and histories using immersive media.

At the completion of their first year, students will have a choice of where to go next. They may choose to explore an internship with commercial partners of the DEV Studio, continue to work on faculty projects as student employees, or guide future reading groups and workshops to help the next generation of Fellows.

What is expected of Fellows?

The Fellowship is a research opportunity for students to grow while being part of hands-on XR applications. It is a research fellowship similar to those funded by UGAR. Fellows are expected to spend 7-12 hours a week on research, discussion, and technical training. There are weekly meetings you should expect to attend; we will do our best to schedule these meetings around your other obligations when possible.

Accepting the Fellowship is a year-long commitment, with the expectation that students will remain available to participate in the community during off terms–though that participation may look slightly different than during the times they are enrolled.

How do I apply?

Eligible students may fill out an application form. When prompted to log in, please use your Dartmouth NetID. You will be asked to provide a cv and answer some brief questions regarding your interest in the XR for the Humanities program and how it fits into your academic and career goals at Dartmouth. If you have any questions, please contact John Bell.

The deadline for applications is August 20, 2023.