The Data Experiences and Visualizations Studio (DEV Studio) is a research program exploring applications of novel interfaces between physical and virtual space. The DEV Studio works with faculty, staff, alumni, and students at Dartmouth to integrate cutting-edge extended reality (XR) technologies with interdisciplinary research, teaching, and learning and evaluate their effectiveness. This mission extends to all phases of the research cycle from initial development to dissemination and instruction.


The DEV Studio finds ways to practically realize the transformational potential of new technologies for research, teaching, and learning. To explore that potential requires creating a new model of collaboration between faculty, staff, alumni, students, and industry that promotes community and pedagogical innovation alongside technological innovation. The DEV Studio is an incubator for testing these new models and producing unique experiences that advance education and research practices.


The DEV Studio is in North Fairbanks Hall (8 Cemetery Lane) in room 002. The easiest entrance is through a side door marked on the map below.


The DEV Studio has been developed with the generous support of several campus partners including:

  • Office of the Provost
  • Dean of the Faculty Office
  • Neukom Institute for Computational Science
  • The Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship
  • Information, Technology and Consulting
  • Dartmouth College Library