Past Events

Past, Present, and Future of XR – the XRSI Safety Initiative

Founder and CEO of XRSI, Kavya Pearlman, has been outlining the potential issues with and the need for research required to help build safe and inclusive XR ecosystems. Kavya is currently helping develop a novel Privacy and Safety framework for XR and Spatial Computing domain with heavy focus on higher education and medical XR use cases. With the pandemic catalyzing and fueling the growth and adoption of these technologies, we need to pause and reflect – if we are going to extend realities via the immersive domain of XR, what kind of world will we wish to create?

Beyond Zoom: XR for Teaching and Research in the COVID-19 Era

This virtual conference was run over Zoom and Mozilla Hubs, a desktop VR app where many people can move around and talk in a shared 3D space. We had around 30 presentations from Professors, Teaching Designers, Researchers, Artists, and Data Scientists, all about using XR to further teaching and research, especially (but not only) in the era of COVID-19.

Neukom/ITC AR/VR Symposium

This symposium had 15 presentations from industry representatives, as well as Dartmouth researchers, professors, and students. We brought together all the different groups on campus doing work with AR and VR to be able to present their work and mingle, and check out some new hardware and software from Apple, Microsoft, and Magic Leap.