Capture and animate facial expressions

Faceware’s Mark III facial motion capture system is a head-mounted camera that allows detailed tracking of expressions and automated pipelines to stream data in real time or animate rigged models. In addition to the camera rig itself, the DEV Studio also offers access to Faceware’s software suite including:

Using Shepherd, Faceware’s facial tracking can be automatically merged with data from the DEV Studio’s Optitrack motion capture system to fully animate the body and face of characters in a variety of modeling software. Kelly Wang has put together a walkthrough on the basics of using Faceware; to get a full picture of what is possible with Faceware, we recommend checking out the tutorials on their YouTube page.

The Faceware Mark III camera and software were purchased with funding from ITC and a Leslie Center for the Humanities Venn Vision grant awarded to DEV Studio Director John Bell, Computer Science Lecturer James Mahoney, and Associate Professor of African and African American Studies Monica Ndounou.

Use of the facial tracking system requires a training session and needs to be scheduled in advance. To request use of the system or training, please contact John Bell.