Analyze 3D Movement Through Space

The DEV Studio uses an array of 16 OptiTrack Primex 13W cameras to capture 3D movement. OptiTrack’s Motive software merges each camera’s view of reflective markers worn on the body to create a detailed path of each tracking point through space, then maps those markers onto either rigid body systems or human skeleton models. The result is a high-precision reconstruction of motion that can be either exported for analysis or mapped directly onto character models in Maya or other rendering packages.

If you want a quick overview of how to use motion capture in the DEV Studio, Kelly Wang has put together a walkthrough of some common tasks. For a detailed overview of the capabilities of OptiTrack’s capture software, Motive 3, please see its online manual.

Motive 3 can also integrate with the DEV Studio’s FaceWare Mark III wireless facial motion capture system to seamlessly merge body-scale movement with detailed facial animation.

Use of the motion tracking system requires a training session and needs to be scheduled in advance. To request use of the system or training, please contact John Bell.