What does it do? The Astra Stereo S captures stereoscopic video in real time. It has Full HD resolution for the color channel and 640 x 400 pixels for the depth channel. It has software libraries for tracking hands, poses, or multiple human bodies.

What do I need? Mobile device or laptop Available, USB port, Knowledge of C++ , OpenNi or other interaction library.

What is it for? Interactive art Game development, Robot vision, Gestural Interfaces.


What does it do? The Canon EOS 6D is a DSLR camera body that shoots high resolution still images and video. The DEV Studio has lenses optimized for capturing still photographs of medium to room-size objects so they can be rendered in 3D.

What do I need? Tripod, scale bards, color reference, ReCap photogrammetry software, 3D modeling software, Lighting (as appropriate)

What is it for? Digitizing large objects, Capturing textures, Recording 2Dvideo, Still photography.


What does it do? The David 3D Scanner uses structured light to image objects for use in 3D software like Maya, Unity, and Unreal. These scanned objects can also be opened in 3DS MAX to convert to a file format that can then be used in CAD-type software.

What do I need? Object to scan, Matte spray (optional), Point cloud to mesh converter, 3D rendering software.

What is it for? CAM/CAM scanning, Artifact reconstruction, Virtual architecture, Preservation digitization.


What does it do? Insta360’s EVO camera captures 360º photos and videos. Unlike most 360º cameras, the EVO can be unfolded to take stereo 180º photos and videos for playback in 3D or VR.

What do I need? Tripod, selfie stick, or other mount, Mobile device or laptop, Standard video editing software, 360 video player software.

What is it for? Experimental filmmaking, Environmental capture, Guided video tours, 3D video.


What does it do? DEV Studio has a variety of electronics components and tools on hand for small-scale prototyping. These include microcontrollers, soldering equipment, electronic sensors, Android tablets, hand tools, and rotary tools.

What do I need? Experience in Java or Python, Electronics background, Displays, LEDs, or other parts, Fabrication safety check.

What is it for? Sensor data capture, Robotics, Interactive art, Internet of Things.


What does it do? The Mavic 2 Pro Quadcopter is a photography drone. It can either be remotely piloted in real time or follow a pre-programmed course to take aerial still photos or 4K HDR video. The entire system is easily portable and can be controlled with a mobile device.

What do I need? Pilot training (or a pilot friend), Photogrammetry software, Standard video editing software, Mobile device e.g iPad.

What is it for? Aerial videography, Landscape digitization, Photogrammetry, Autonomous recording.


What does it do? The Ricoh Theta V is a 360º camera for shooting still photos and videos. The Ricoh Theta V also has a 360º microphone for recording spatialized audio and a waterproof housing for underwater filming.

What do I need? Tripod, selfie stick, or other mount, Standard video editing software, 360 video player software.

What is it for? Experimental filmmaking, Underwater filming, Guided video tours, Directional audio.