Working with the DEV Studio means creating innovative projects, hosting conferences and symposia where new ideas are shared, and exploring the border between the physical and virtual. We’re always looking for new collaborators!

Dartmouth Faculty

The DEV Studio supports faculty in both research and teaching application of extended reality. We can partner with faculty who want to:

  • Give students access to 3D visualizations and experiences, including on mobile devices during remote teaching.
  • Brainstorm applications of augmented or virtual reality to new research projects.
  • Capture, edit, and display 3D data or video.
  • Apply for funding to build AR/VR projects.
  • Create and distribute new immersive software

For more information contact John Bell.

Dartmouth Students

The DEV Studio employs some students directly (and will post here if and when there are openings). Students doing UGAR sponsored research can also reach out to John Bell about working in the DEV Studio. In the future, we may also allow applications to work on specific projects (more information will be posted as we learn more).